Melanie Griffith says her husband Antonio Banderas is an "amazing" man.

The 52-year-old actress - who spent three months in Utah's Cirque Lodge rehabilitation centre last summer for preventative addiction treatment - insists she would never have been able to overcome her struggles without the support of her husband.

She said: "He did everything. He has been an amazing man."

Last summer's visit was the 52-year-old actress' third stint in rehab, with Melanie previously being treated for addictions to alcohol, cocaine and painkillers.

Antonio - who has a 13-year-old daughter Stella with Melanie, who also has two adult children from her previous marriages - claims the actress' treatment has bonded their family closer together as they were all part of her recovery process.

He told People magazine: "We are stronger right now than we were.

"The entire family participated in the process of rehabilitation. We went to the place where she was doing it, we participated in all the therapies. everything, everybody in the family. It's tough, but at the same time, very rewarding."

Melanie's most recent rehab stint was a preventative measure taken after she became nervous of using prescription medication to treat a knee injury she sustained in a skiing accident.

Antonio - who wed Melanie in May 1996 - explained recently: "That has a very simple explanation. She hasn't touched alcohol for years. As far as prescription pills go, she had a skiing accident in Aspen - I was there, we were skiing together - and she tore all the ligaments in her knee. She had an operation two hours after the accident, and had two operations over the next year. They had to give her painkillers. For someone who has been an addict, it was like falling into the same hole again, and Melanie was the one who decided to get treatment."