Former couple Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson put on a united front to support their actress daughter as she hosted Saturday Night Live in America on Saturday (28Feb15).

The Fifty Shades of Grey star poked fun at her parents by revealing she had probably been conceived after her mother hosted Snl in December, 1988 - the day her father proposed.

She said, "This is true, right after the show my father got down on one knee and proposed to her for the second time and exactly nine months later I was born, so I must have been conceived that night after the show or maybe even during the show. Isn't that right you guys?"

The camera panned to her folks, who were sitting together in the audience, shielding their eyes in embarrassment.

The Snl host asked, "Are you embarrassed that I told that story?" prompting her dad to reply, "No, we were just afraid you were gonna be naked" - a reference to her racy role in erotic thriller Fifty Shades.

Johnson was a big hit during her debut as host of the comedy sketch show - she portrayed Emma Stone's role in an opening Birdman skit, Cinderella and an emergency room nurse having to deal with a doctor dressed up as a Star Trek Klingon. The latter sketch was followed by a brief tribute to beloved Star Trek icon Leonard Nimoy, who died on Friday (27Feb15).

The actress also starred in a controversial skit in which she played a student joining terrorist group Isis. As her tearful dad, played by comedian Taran Killam begs her commander to look after his daughter, the fundamentalist rides off in his jeep after stating, "Death to America."