Hollywood couple Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas returned to the scene of one of their most romantic encounters for a 16 hour love-in last weekend (02OCT05).

The loved-up pair celebrated the 10th anniversary of their first stay at Paris, France's famous Ritz hotel by taking time out from their busy schedules for a night of passion there.

WORKING GIRL Griffith reveals, "Ten years ago he was doing EVITA and I was doing LOLITA, and he was in London and I was in North Carolina, so we flew to Paris and we met at the Ritz and had a very nice time there.

"So we decided to recreate that last weekend. He was doing press for the second ZORRO and so I flew, last Saturday, from LA to Paris - got there Sunday - and he arrived from Germany - got their Sunday.

"I think we had about 16 hours together - (we did it) four times at least!"