Melanie Griffith got her own back on a rude air stewardess on a recent flight to New York - by lying about a dying relative.

The actress was horrified when the flight attendant snapped at her as she was concluding a call on her mobile phone as she boarded the plane.

Griffith felt she was targeted by the jealous stewardess because she was a celebrity, but she wasn't about to let the woman enjoy her moment of misguided power.

She says, "I hung up the phone and then I thought, 'Bitch, I'm gonna get her back.' I saw her go up to the other stewardesses and they were talking and I asked one of them to come back.

"I said, 'Could you please tell her that I was speaking to a loved one, who is dying in a hospital in New York, and that's why I'm flying there, and she just made me hang up and I'm gonna now fly the whole way not knowing anything.'"