Melanie C doesn't want the Spice Girls reunion to end.

The 45-year-old singer teamed up with her band mates Mel B, Emma Bunton, and Geri Horner this month for a string of sold out UK tour dates, and after closing the tour with three nights at Wembley Stadium, Melanie has admitted she doesn't want to say goodbye to the group just yet.

The 'Wannabe' hitmakers - who reunited without Victoria Beckham, who decided not to take part - would love to take their 'Spice World' tour around the globe, and Melanie also hinted there are ''things in the pipeline'' beyond touring.

When asked if she and the other members had spoken about ways to keep the Spice Girls magic going outside of touring, Melanie told Billboard magazine: ''Yeah, we'd love to. We're constantly discussing different ways in which we can do that. But I think for us right now, the big thing is we don't want it to end.

''We've had an incredible run here in the UK. We'd really like to get further afield. We've had so many fans that have visited us from all over the world. People have come from New Zealand, North America, South America, everywhere.

''I think we'd really like to take it out to the fans that haven't been able to travel but have supported us all these years. So that would be the immediate thing. But yeah, the legacy is important, and of course, we'd like that to live on. There are things in the pipeline, but it's all a little bit early days for that.''

Recently, news broke that a Spice Girls movie is in development at Paramount Animations, of which all five members are said to be ''very involved'' in.

And Melanie says she ''can't believe'' the journey she and her band mates have been on.

She added: ''I can't believe this journey. There was a time when I was like, ''It's never going to happen. It's not going to happen again. The things we've done have been so incredible. We could never do that again.'' But I think it was the amount of people that approached me saying how much they wanted to see the Spice Girls, how much it meant to them, how it affected them in their lives.''