Former Spice Girl Melanie CHISHOLM would love to work with PINK - even though she's terrified of the American pop punk.

The I TURN TO YOU star, 30, who releases her third album BEAUTIFUL INTENTIONS next month (11APR05), enjoys collaborating with other stars, and has expressed an interest in working with feisty NO DOUBT singer and friend GWEN STEFANI.

And although she admires Pink as an artist, she's slightly concerned about the prospect of teaming up with her in the studio.

She says, "I've hung around with Gwen a bit and to work with her would be great.

"I'm a bit scared of Pink - she looks hard!

"I'd like to work with a bloke again. I'm a fan of GRAHAM COXON - he's a great guitarist."

30/03/2005 21:19