Mel C admits she's lucky to have survived her eating disorder.

The 43-year-old former Spice Girl lived on a diet of nothing but fruit and vegetables for years, and looking back on her unhealthy relationship with food, Mel considers herself fortunate to still be alive to tell her story.

The singer - whose real name is Melanie Chisholm - shared: ''I started to restrict my food to a point where I was just like - God only knows how I survived - but I think for maybe a couple of years, maybe it couldn't have been that long - but I was just eating fruit and vegetables.

''That was it. And with that workload.''

Mel also admitted to feeling money-related pressures once she found fame and fortune as part of the Spice Girls.

In particular, she felt guilty about her own success having been raised in a household in which ''money was tight''.

The singer, who was known as Sporty Spice during her time with the chart-topping girl group, told 'In Conversation With': ''I was so young and it's a huge responsibility.

''It's not about money. It's about feeling like you have to take care of all of these people. And you just feel like you want to be taking care of yourself.''

Mel also admitted to being on the receiving end of some verbal insults from her bandmates during the height of their success.

However, she stopped short of naming anyone specifically, instead saying the public can ''make their own guesses'' as to who she was referring to.

The 'I Turn To You' hitmaker - who starred in the group alongside Mel B, Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell, and Victoria Beckham - said: ''People can kind of make their own guesses but there were some stronger people in the the band.''