Former Spice Girl Melanie CHISHOLM's latest album has been leaked on the internet a month before its release - prompting fears it could derail the success of her comeback.

Chisholm was dropped by VIRGIN RECORDS two years ago (03) and has since started her own label, RED GIRL RECORDS, on which she plans to release the upcoming disc BEAUTIFUL INTENTIONS.

The 31-year-old has spent tens of thousands of dollars (pounds) of her own money on the project, which could be disastrous for her should the record not be a success.

A source says, "Mel's taken a huge risk by setting up her own label and can't afford for anything to go wrong.

"But now the buck really does stop with her. A lot of money has already been spent on the project. And she just doesn't have the financial cushion that comes with doing business with the big boys.

"If people decide to download the record illegally in advance it could really hit her where it hurts."

Beautiful Intentions has a scheduled released date of 11 April (05) in the UK.

15/03/2005 14:09