Former Spice Girl Melanie CHISHOLM is being sent hate mail by fans desperate for the 90s pop sensations to reunite for one final tour.

The other four former Spices - Melanie Brown, Victoria Beckham, EMMA BUNTON and GERI HALLIWELL - are all keen to tour, and the deal would earn them $18 million (GBP10 million) each.

But Chisholm, who has had the most success as a solo artist, refuses to reunite, and fans of the chart-toppers are getting angry.

Some upset devotees have gone to extreme lengths to pressurise the NORTHERN STAR singer to change her mind - the Liverpool-born star has had her home address posted on several websites set up to encourage fans to write letters to her.

A source says, "Mel's been deluged with letters and a lot of them have been very sinister.

"Some people have pleaded with her to change her mind but others have gone as far as making threats.

"Mel is trying to ignore the letters but, as they're coming to her home address, she can't help by take any threats seriously."

06/04/2004 14:08