Former SPICE GIRL Melanie C is so terrified of a man accused of stalking her she refuses to leave her home alone, a Dutch court heard yesterday (29OCT03).

The Dutchman - who for legal reasons can only be identified by his first name STIJN - allegedly sent the YEH, YEH, YEH singer video tapes of himself masturbating over pictures of her.

According to prosecutors, Stijn - who was ordered to remain in jail for 94 days before his case came to court - also sent love letters, alarming pictures and parcels to the British singer.

Stijn - an unemployed taxi driver who describes himself as an 'amateur philosopher' - is also accused of being spotted twice at the gates of Mel's London home, a move which frightened her so much she hired a new security team and fled to northern England to escape him.

The court in Utrecht, central Holland, heard Stijn had sent the WANNABE singer a photo that was reminiscent of fictional serial killer DR. HANNIBAL LECTER and promised her something would happen within 22 days.

He also promised they would be together on 8 October (03).

Stijn defended his actions in court saying, "If someone had told me what I was doing was wrong I would have stopped. I didn't realise what I was doing."

Stijn will be sentenced on 12 November (03) - but due to his recent incarceration it is unlikely he will have to spend any further time in prison.

30/10/2003 13:27