Melania Trump's Inauguration dress designer has praised her for her fashion acumen.

Hervé Pierre was hired to create the new US First Lady's cream silk gown for the glitzy after-party bash following her husband Donald Trump's admission into office and revealed she was closely involved with every step of the design process.

The designer - who is also Melania's personal stylist - admitted he amended the design when the brunette beauty said to him during one fitting: ''Hervé, I love you, but I cannot move my arm to hold my husband's arm when we dance.''

He added: ''She knows fashion - she was a model and has worked in a design studio - so she knows about construction. When I brought her fabric swatches, she immediately picked the heaviest, most beautiful six-ply silk from Italy. She knows about fabrics. It was a very organic conversation because we have the same vocabulary.

And the 46-year-old model was keen to appear ''presidential'' and not simply fashionable.

He said: ''She was very specific about the neckline, about all the lines being parallel. It was important for us not to follow any recipe for a 'First Lady gown'. She's presidential now; she's not just a fashion plate.''

Many designers publicly refused to dress Melania because of her husband's controversial policies but Hervé insisted he felt ''honored'' to be asked.

He told Harper's Bazar: ''That's the good thing about this country: we are all equal, but we are definitely not the same. I'm not doing politics, I'm doing dresses. We are not suddenly brokering a big deal between China and Russia. If people don't want to dress her, I think it's sad, but I was honored. I don't criticize these people--it's their choice, and that's the beauty of democracy.''

And the designer predicted Melania's fashion will continue to be ''straight to the point'' throughout her husband's presidency.

He added:''Her next four years as First Lady are going to be, like this gown, straight to the point, perhaps with a single measured detail.''