British funnyman Mel Smith has threatened to defy Scotland's smoking in public ban this summer (06) and has compared the strict rules to Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler. The comedian, who played British World War II leader WINSTON CHURCHILL in the film ALLEGIANCE, will be at the Edinburgh Festival in August (06) to star in a stage production of the movie. He tells Scottish paper Scotland on Sunday when he plays legendary smoker Churchill, he'll refuse to smoke a fake cigar, adding "Maybe I'll light it. Maybe I won't. What are they going to do to me? Are they going to extradite me?" He adds, "It would have delighted Adolf Hitler. Hitler, as you know, was anti-smoking. You couldn't smoke at Hitler's dining table, so he'd be pleased, wouldn't he? Congratulations Scotland." The Scottish government's ban on smoking in public places came into force in March this year (06) with smokers facing a possible penalty of GBP50 ($27).