Mel Gibson's religious epic The Passion Of The Christ led to Norwegian Neo-Nazi JOHNNY OLSEN confessing to two bombings a decade ago.

Olsen, 41, turned himself in to police after watching the heavily criticised film, admitting to the previously unexplained bombing against anarchist squatters in Oslo in the mid-nineties.

Olsen's lawyer, FRIDTJOF FEYDT, says, "The trigger that made him go to police and confess was that movie."

The admission last weekend (27/28MAR04) - which was due in part to Olsen's issues with reconciliation and redemption - was not the first confession to be prompted by the film.

Just last week (ends26MAR04) a Texan man admitted to murdering a 19-year-old woman who was pregnant with his child.

Oslo's Lutheran Bishop GUNNAR STAALSETT, who is staunchly against the film branding it as glorifying sadism and torture, says, "This does not change my view of the film in the slightest."

30/03/2004 21:50