Mel Gibson, William Shatner and James Caan are among a host of stars who have had to sign confidentiality agreements after viewing tapings of SYLVESTER STALLONE's new boxing reality show.

The Contender, in which 16 fighters compete for a $1 million (GBP555,000) prize with mentoring from Stallone and boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard, is due to debut in November (04).

And those who attended the first three segments of the 15-episode show in a 300-seat arena in Los Angeles - including Mr T, Elliot Gould and TONY DANZA - have had to sign agreements not to disclose the outcome of any of the bouts.

Bosses of the NBC show are currently locked in a bitter battle with rival FOX show THE NEXT GREAT CHAMP to stop block its September (04) debut.

26/08/2004 21:06