LATEST: An independent panel of investigators who reviewed the way police handled Mel Gibson's 2006 drink-driving arrest has concluded nobody tried to cover the incident up. The Braveheart star, 51, was taken into custody in July 2006 in Malibu, California after he was caught speeding on the Pacific Coast Highway. Police initially told the world's media the arrest went "without incident" but leaked details suggested Gibson had verbally abused arresting officer James Mee with anti-Semitic remarks. Three employees at the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department have been disciplined for violating police policy in relation to Gibson's arrest, but the Office Of Independent Review has concluded there was no deliberate cover-up. According to website, the report reads: "Because of a concern about certain information gathered during the arrest falling prematurely into the hands of media sources and because there was no clear departmental guidance provided on how to handle this scenario presented, supervisors made spontaneous decisions with regard to how to package the information and describe the arrest. "While these decisions do no indicate a violation of department policy, and were fairly sensible, they do point out the need for creating a thoughtful and systematic approach for how to handle future similar scenarios."