Mel Gibson has re-edited his controversial movie The Passion Of The Christ in time for a UK Good Friday (25MAR05) re-release.

The re-cut movie has lost six minutes of its most violent footage, allowing the new THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST to receive a British '15' certificate in place of its original '18' rating.

And Gibson hopes people originally put off by the violence will now watch the movie which focuses on the final 12 torturous hours of Jesus Christ's life.

Gibson says, "I hope to cater to those people that might not have seen the original because of its intensity or brutality."

A BRITISH BOARD OF FILM CLASSIFICATION (BBFC) spokesperson says, "We think they have removed a lot of what we call 'the processed violence' from the film. It's still at the high end of '15' but they have made enough alterations."

02/03/2005 02:52