Mel Gibson's ex-girlfriend OKSANA GRIGORIEVA is campaigning to prevent violence against women.

The 43-year-old singer-songwriter - whose former partner pleaded no-contest to a misdemeanour battery charge against her in 2011 - has decided to face up to her negative experience by being guest speaker at the Artists Against Abuse Gala in the US.

The event will raise funds for an organisation named The Retreat, which helps find residential shelters for women and their children who have suffered abuse, as well as provide a 24 hour hotline and legal support for the victims.

Speaking to, Oksana said: ''You should never feel alone when you are in fear. I am very honoured to be a part of the Artists Against Abuse. It is truly a cause that is close to my heart.''

Oksana - who has two-year-old daughter, Lucia, with Mel - accused the 'Mad Max' star of hitting her with a closed fist and breaking a veneer on her tooth. Mel admitted to slapping her but said he did it because she was ''shaking and tossing'' their baby Lucia around while arguing.

Jeffrey Friedman, executive director of The Retreat, said: ''Oksana's brave and personal decision to stand with The Retreat and speak out against domestic abuse is a testament to her resilience.She is lending a voice to many people who can't speak out for themselves due to fear. We are so thankful for her support of our critical work.''