The cast and crew of Mel Gibson's The Passion Of The Christ were so touched by the epic, many went through their own spiritual reawakenings.

FATHER JEAN-MARIE CHARLES-ROUX, who was hired as the film's chaplain by the movie-maker himself, was kept busy on the set in Italy performing a daily Mass in Latin and Christian ceremonies for actors and crew.

The clergyman explains, "You could feel this religious fervour every day on the set and it produced miraculous fruits.

"A Muslim actor asked me to baptise him and Gibson's personal secretary, a self-styled atheist, asked me to confirm her. Several technicians asked me to help them become reconciled with their faith in God.

"I'm firmly convinced that all these extraordinary events are proof that the Holy Spirit was emanating from the magnetic personality of Mel Gibson. He acted as an apostle of JESUS.

"I saw in Mel the same religious fervour that MOTHER TERESA OF CALCUTTA and PADRE PIO had."

09/05/2004 21:01