Mel Gibson's new movie 'The Beaver' has had its release date pushed back till 6th May 2011.
MEL GIBSON, the Australian actor whose new movie 'The Beaver' was originally scheduled to hit cinemas on 28th March 2011, will now see his quirky comedy do battle with a number of blockbusters after the film's release date was pushed back.'The Beaver', a movie about a troubled husband who begins to communicate only through a beaver hand puppet, is one of the year's most anticipated releases. Despite its modest budget, it is now likely to find itself in a box-office battle with the likes of 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' and 'Thor', which are released in the same month. According to the Hollywood Reporter, director Jodie Foster has chosen to premiere 'The Beaver' at the South By Southwest festival in March. The movie is Foster's first since she directed the comedy 'Home for the Holidays' back in 1995.
Hype surrounding the release is likely to intensify given Gibson's current personal problems. The actor is embroiled in a custody battle with the singer OKSANA GRIGORIEVA for their daughter Lucia.