Mel Gibson's new film is to hit the pay-per-view TV market after just one night in movie theatres.
The actor/director's self-financed film Get the Gringo opened in select cinemas on Wednesday night (18Apr12) - to coincide with the movie's premiere in Austin, Texas - but fans shouldn't look for it this weekend (21-22Apr12).
The film will skip a theatrical run and become available on satellite service Directv on 1 May (12).
Announcing the plan at the premiere Gibson said, "We're just in a different era. Many people just like to see things in their homes. It's just another way to do it and a better way to do it. I think it's the future."
Gibson needs a movie hit - his last films The Edge of Darkness and The Beaver were flops and his last bona-fide hit as an actor was a decade ago.
The star is also currently mired in a feud with screenwriter Joe Eszterhas over the script for Gibson's planned Judah MACcabee biopic and the Aussie actor/director's alleged bad behaviour on a joint family holiday in Costa Rica.
Audio of a man Eszterhas claims is a raging Gibson, yelling and swearing at his house guests, has been released online.