Mel Gibson thinks public humiliation is scarier than death.

The 'Edge of Darkness' actor - whose personal life has been a focal point in the media throughout his career - worries about being embarrassed and shamed more than he worries about dying.

He said: "Do you know what the number one fear of every human being is? It's among the top three fears that almost everybody has? It's public humiliation. If you think about public humiliation, it's also about loss of anonymity.

"Oh God, I mean fear of death, certainly, but public humiliation is even worse. I just hope to make it all mean something."

In July 2006, Mel, 54, was arrested for Driving Under the Influence of alcohol (DUI) while speeding in his car with an open bottle of alcohol. He also admitted making anti-Semitic remarks during his arrest.

He hit newspaper front pages again last year after he left his wife of 30-years - with who he has seven children - for Russian singer Oksana Grigorieva, who he has two-month-old daughter Lucia with.

Mel is not surprised his children have no intention of following in his footsteps and becoming famous.

He explained: "None of my children want to be actors. They've seen my life and they're like, 'the famous thing isn't so hot'. Everybody wants to be secure, of course. But I don't think they want to be wealthy and they're not. They've had to work for it. They don't want to lose that precious commodity: anonymity."