Mel Gibson's career is said to be "over".

The 'Lethal Weapon' star has been dropped by his agent and a Hollywood insider has revealed he will unlikely be able to revive his career following leaked tapes which hear him call his girlfriend OKSANA GRIGORIEVA a "f***ing fake" and a "****" as well as threatening to "bury" her in the garden.

A source told the News of the World: "It will be virtually impossible to come back from this. His career is over.

"Hollywood is a surprising tight-knit community. Racism and anti-Semitism are simply not accepted."

Another film executive revealed to the Mirror newspaper: "I'd rather get engaged to Lindsay Lohan than have anything to do with him."

Oksana has filed a restraining order against Mel requiring him to keep away from her.

It is also believed she has photos of the alleged domestic abuse showing her with black eyes and her front teeth broken.