Mel Gibson is to pay his ex-girlfriend OKSANA GRIGORIEVA $750k to settle their long running custody battle.
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Peter Lichtman announced the terms of the settlement on Wednesday (31.08.2011) at a hearing with both the OSCAR winner and Russian musician Grigorieva present. The judge also announced that the couple will have both legal and physical custody of their 2-year-old daughter, Lucia. The settlement also requires the Braveheart star to provide the same amount of financial support to Lucia as he does to his other seven children. Another stipulation of the settlement is that Grigorieva will be allowed to live in Gibson's Californian home until their daughter turns 18. Grigorieva's lawyer told reporters that pianist was happy the issue is now resolved "Oksana and Mel were in love. In love for three years. Lucia was a planned child," he said according to "Oksana settled today because it was the best interest of Lucia. Oksana will not be commenting. Instead she is going to concentrate on raising her daughter herself without nannies."
Gibson rose to fame as an actor starring in several blockbuster movies including the Lethal Weapon franchise, Mad Max and We Were Soldiers. However, he has been in the headlines recently for a series of series of scandals including an arrest for drink driving.