Mel Gibson allegedly spat in his stepmother's face.

Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson - who married Mel's father Hutton Gibson in 2001 - has requested a restraining order against the 'Lethal Weapon' actor, claiming he had threatened her and tried to sabotage her marriage.

In legal documents, obtained by gossip website, Teddy, 78, claims Mel and his sister Maura despise her because she doesn't approve of the controversial medical treatments they've been pressuring Hutton to undergo to treat his various illnesses.

In the documents, Teddy alleges Mel and Maura manipulated their ailing father into filing for divorce as she says Hutton is a devout Catholic who doesn't believe in it. She also claimed 93-year-old Hutton recently penned her a love note saying: ''Our mutual love is permanent.''

She also alleges Mel is trying to force her out of her home because it's owned by a charity that Mel controls.

As a result Teddy wanted a judge to stop Mel from doing that and prevent him from interfering with her attempts to communicate with her husband.

She also wanted him to keep 100 yards away from her at all times.

However, the judge in California has decided that instead of issuing a

temporary restraining order, a full hearing will take place next month.

Hutton filed for divorce last month.