After a series of controversies, Mel Gibson is set to return to the big screen with his new drama 'The Beaver'. Mel Gibson might've received a lot of bad publicity recently but director of the movie and on-screen wife Jodie Foster has publically praised the 'Braveheart' star.

Talking to Guy Raz from NPR News, Foster stated that Gibson was her first choice for the role all along, arguing that 'he is an extraordinary comedic presence'. In regards to his recent controversy, she further stated, 'He will live the consequences of his behaviour, and I think he has bigger problems than whether somebody goes to see his film or not. He has much more pressing problems and much more pressing issues in his life.' However, Foster has publically decided to continue to support Gibson, 'When someone's struggling, you don't walk away from them. You stand by them. I'm not interested in running away from him. The Mel Gibson that I know, that I've experienced, and that I know intimately - and I think I can probably say you don't know - is an extraordinary man. And no one can take that away.'

In 'The Beaver', Mel Gibson plays Walter Black, a depressed business owner who finds a beaver puppet in a dumpster, only to talk through it using a Cockney accent. 'The Beaver' is due for release in the UK on 17 June 2011.