The traffic policeman who pulled Mel Gibson over and charged him with drink driving in 2006 has been fired from the force.
Deputy James Mee accused the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department of retaliating against him after he arrested the Braveheart star, but police officials insist his departure has nothing to do with Gibson or claims he has since made about his superiors.
Mee sued the department, alleging his supervisors targeted him because he resisted requests to remove the star's anti-Semitic remarks from an initial arrest report. Earlier this year (12), he reached a settlement agreement for $50,000 (£31,250).
Sheriff's Department spokesman Steve Whitmore tells the Los Angeles Times that the decision to fire Mee has nothing to do with the lawsuit he brought against the police, stating, "It has nothing to do whatsoever with the Mel Gibson arrest."
But Mee's attorney, Richard A. Shinee, begs to differ, explaining, "This is a guy who had an outstanding career, a leader in street safety. He was well-respected until after the department got embarrassed by the Mel Gibson case, and they have pursued him relentlessly ever since."