Mel Gibson has vehemently denied allegations that he celebrated the death of John Lennon and claims screenwriter Joe Eszterhas is completely in the wrong for alleging he made anti-Semitic remarks during their time working together on the doomed movie project 'The MACcabees', reports
The furore began earlier this week when Eszterhas sent an open letter to Gibson via, claiming the reason he stopped working on the Jewish-themed movie was that he hated Jews. He also claimed to have heard the Hollywood actor openly celebrate the death of John Lennon, claiming Gibson said the iconic Beatle "deserved to be shot". However, the Oscar-winner is telling friends he never said such a thing and that he's a huge Beatles fan and plays their music all the time. One source said, "It's not uncommon to hear The Beatles at Gibson's house", while another insisted Gibson played 'Imagine' at a recent function - the very song Eszterhas says Mel bashed.
In a response to, Gibson says he isn't surprised by the screenwriter's diatribe and claims the reason he pulled out of The MACcabees is because of the "bad script".