The 61-year-old actor was on the chat show to promote his critically acclaimed movie Hacksaw Ridge when Jimmy set up a hair salon on the street for Mel to cut a stranger's hair. The stranger in question was New Zealand student William, who had been growing his long, curly, ginger locks for the past three years.

But Mel didn't hold back as he let loose with the clippers on the young man, telling Jimmy: "I used to cut my children’s hair when they were little. They didn’t have a choice in the matter and it wasn’t a great job but it got them through."

As the situation unfolded, Jimmy suggested Mel could give William the chance to get his own back by shaving off the actor's beard. While he intended it as a joke, the host was stunned when Mel agreed, saying: "Well what do you think - I’ve had it for a long time, it’s part of my identity. You gonna do your worst? Go!"

Mel then sat in the chair and let William go at him with the clippers, shouting his famous Braveheart quote "Freedom" as his facial hair fell to the floor.

Looking confident with his tool, William began by shaving off the sides and centre of the beard, leaving Mel with a retro looking moustache/beard combo.

While Mel appeared initially pleased with what William had done, he later appeared on the show for a chat with Jimmy sporting an entirely clean-shaven look.

Mel has been working a beard on and off since 2009, but he has been sporting a much bushier hipster look in recent months. Speaking to USA Today in October (16) about the best thing about facial hair, Mel explained: "After a long week of living, eating, drinking - you can wring it out at the end of the week and make soup - the leftovers are amazing!"