Mel Gibson is staying focused on finishing his new movie The Passion, instead of paying attention to the controversy surrounding it.

The Hollywood actor's upcoming flick, which follows the last 12 hours in the life of JESUS, has been met with protests from members of the Jewish community who have dubbed it anti-Semitic.

But Gibson has opted to address the issue by tuning the flick to perfection before it's showcased to test audiences.

A source says, "He's knee-deep in the editing room, daily, working really hard.

"What he's got to do first is finish the film and start showing it to everyone. Then they'll get the deal. Anyone who knows Mel knows he's not anti-Semitic."

Gibson hopes to have the film - which is in Latin and Aramaic completed within a month, before he begins showing it to the increasing number of distributors who want to view it.

12/08/2003 09:08