The spat between Mel Gibson and the scriptwriter Joe Ezsterhas continues apace. After being branded a liar by Gibson, Ezsterhas has told The Wrap "He should be very careful calling me a liar. We have a recording of his actions and statements that my son Nick made in Costa Rica." The Ezsterhas family apparently spent time in Costa Rica at Mel's villa, last December. The original problem arose when Ezsterhas wrote an open letter (published by The Wrap) accusing Gibson of anti-semitism, whilst they worked on The MACcabees, a tale of 2nd Century BC Jewish revolt.
In an interview with The Wrap's Sharon Waxman, Ezsterhas also says "Naomi (Ezsterhas' wife) also witnessed things he said about killing Oksana (Gibson's former wife) and his constant anti-Semitic remarks. He should be very careful." Gibson has been accused of anti-Semitic behaviour before and many were confused by his motives for working on the movie. According to Ezsterhaus, Gibson wanted to use the movie to "convert the Jews to Christianity." Answering the accusations that he only wrote his letter out of bitterness, after his script was rejected, Ezsterhas told The Wrap "In an interview I did with the New York Times on Feb 5, before the script delivered, (I) said that if I saw anti-Semitism creep into the script, I'd take my name off the project."
Ezsterhas goes so far as to say, in the interview, that Gibson is "unstable. He's out of control. He's often irrational. And he needs medication. He needs help." He concluded the interview by saying "I don't want to be at war with him. I live very quietly in Cleveland with a wonderful family. I hope the outcomes are all positive. I hope that no one gets hurt. But I don't have any idea where it's going to come out."