LATEST: A group of Los Angeles residents who are trying to post an anti-Mel Gibson billboard advertisement insists it is getting nowhere - because they are convinced media companies don't want to alienate the lucrative star. The group has been trying to buy a billboard that features Gibson's mug shot with the word "no" over it in red. They are trying to secure space on the city's famous Sunset Boulevard and have been repeatedly turned down once billboard companies learn the content of the proposed billboard. Publicist ANDY BEHRMAN, who is spearheading the effort, tells website, "We wanted to make a statement that anti-Semitism is not OK in Hollywood - or anywhere else. "They tell us it will be fine, and then when they learn we want to protest Mel Gibson, there's suddenly some problem." Behrman says he even got an OK to erect the billboard on 15 August (06) - until ad space bosses learned all about the protest. He adds, "I got a call back saying, 'My boss doesn't want to touch this Mel Gibson thing.'"