The attorney for Mel Gibson's ex OKSANA GRIGORIEVA fears sealed documents containing personal and private information about his client have been stolen and leaked to the media in a bid to discredit the Russian as she battles the actor for custody of their baby.
Appearing with her for an interview on news show Larry King Live, Martin Garbus explained personal information about Grigorieva is being picked up by the press - and it should be off-limits.
He says, "In the family court, court files are sealed - they're confidential, so the files that were leaked to an Internet station were all stolen... It's medical documents, declarations, court opinions, transcripts."
The attorney revealed court officials have ordered an investigation, claiming 2,000 pages of information has been leaked.
Grigorieva admits she's terrified of what might be leaked to the media: "It could be quite terrible because this whole case could turn into a gossip story."