Mel Gibson's ex-lover OKSANA GRIGORIEVA kept taking the movie star's alleged rage-filled phonecalls on the night she split up with him - because they reassured her he was at home in Malibu, California, and not on his way to kill her.
The Russian singer claims the furious Braveheart star called every "five to 10 minutes non-stop from 8pm to 3am" on the 18 and 19 February (10) after she had told the actor their romance was over because of his temper.
She eventually started taping the calls on her iPhone voice memo application because she feared for her life - and wanted documentation of her ex-boyfriend's state of mind.
Some of the taped phone conversations have since leaked online and into the media.
Appearing on news show Larry King Live on Wednesday night (17Nov10), Grigorieva recalled, "I kept hanging up and he kept calling back... I knew he was on his old phone in Malibu; he's not on the road with an iPhone... and he's not coming to kill me yet. I knew he was still there, so I kept picking up, but eventually I got so exhausted... I pulled the batteries out of all my phones.
"Obviously I didn't plan for this to be on public television; I would have called him for all the lies he said on those phonecalls... This is a person who is losing control, this is a batterer who's been controlling me for quite a while... I left him and this is the anger and outrage."
The singer's lawyer, Martin Garbus, who joined her on the show, added, "I've had a chance to listen to all the messages together, it's really horrendous - the fury and the anger that was spewing out against her."
Gibson and his lawyers were asked to give their side of the story on the show, but declined.
It has still not been confirmed that the voice heard raging at Grigorieva, calling her names and using foul expletives, on the phone is that of Gibson.
The actor and Grigorieva are currently embroiled in a bitter custody battle over their child Lucia.