LATEST: Mel Gibson's stalker has been found guilty of hounding the movie star and his family and now faces a three-year prison spell.

The Aussie actor won a restraining order against homeless Idaho man ZACK SINCLAIR, 34, last year (04) and when he refused to stay away from the Gibsons, the MAD MAX star took him to court.

Sinclair insisted on representing himself in court this week (beg28FEB05) and came face to face with The Passion Of The Christ director on Thursday (03MAR05), when Gibson suggested he needed psychiatric help.

It took a jury in Van Nuys Superior Court, California, just three hours yesterday (04MAR05) to find Sinclair guilty of stalking.

JUDGE JOHN FISHER explained he was considering asking a court-

appointed mental health expert to examine Sinclair before he sentences him on 10 March (05).

05/03/2005 01:42