A former patient at the California clinic where Mel Gibson is recovering from alcoholism has warned the actor will have to scrub toilets while undergoing treatment. Gibson was admitted to Malibu's exclusive Passages rehab centre after being caught drink driving last month (28JUL06) and a former resident explains the treatment is tough from the start. He says, "Mel will be going through hell, believing his entire world has crashed. "Everyone has a daily commitment to perform. For the first week, that always means scrubbing the toilets until they shine." However, the ex-patient insists the strict regime - which also includes eight-hour days of solo and group counselling - will pay off in the end. He adds, "If Mel sticks to his 12-step programme, admits his faults to God - or a power greater than himself - and surrenders totally, then his recovery can begin again. "Passages has a fantastic success record with some of the savviest experts on hand to guide him through that early misery."