The man accused of stalking Mel Gibson claims he sneaked past guards at a gated community to get to the star's home because God sent him, a prosecutor told a court yesterday (02MAR05).

Deputy District Attorney DEBRA ARCHULETA said ZACK SINCLAIR began writing letters to Gibson in July (04), claiming he was on a mission from God.

Sinclair, who prosecutors say has a history of mental illness and a prior case of stalking in his native Idaho, is charged with one count of felony stalking.

Sinclair, acting as his own lawyer, said in a brief opening statement he would not question witnesses because the burden of proof was going to be "too heavy" for prosecutors.

Gibson's security chief, JERRY McKAY, testified that Sinclair sent Gibson 12 letters in which he said God had sent him to California to pray with the PASSION OF THE CHRIST director. Sinclair wrote that he had spent over two years in jail in Idaho for stalking a mentally ill woman, said McKay.

03/03/2005 02:36