LATEST: Oscar-winner Mel Gibson has been stopped for reckless driving at least two other times by police in Malibu, California in the past few years, but was allowed to leave without a ticket or arrest. The BRAVEHEART star was arrested on Friday (28JUL06) for suspicion of driving under the influence on Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) near his home in the posh beach suburb of Los Angeles. According to celebrity news website, approximately three years (03) ago GIbson was driving at 74 miles per hour on PCH when he was pulled over by police. Sources say Gibson avoided eye contact with the deputy who stopped him and even though the officer was suspicious of Gibson's sobriety, he let him go. Approximately one year ago (05), the star was stopped again, after driving 64 miles per hour on PCH - where the speed limit is 45 miles per hour. Sources tell TMZ that Gibson was so cocky he was on his mobile phone the entire time he was detained by the deputy. Ultimately, the office once again decided to let him go without giving him a citation. Gibson issued an apology on Saturday (29JUL06) for alleged anti-Semitic comments and sexist remarks he made when he was arrested early Friday morning. He star was pulled over for reportedly crossing lanes at a high speed and told the arresting officer he was leaving home just after 2 am and heading to his brother's house. The arresting deputy found a bottle of tequila in the car, 3/4 full, in a brown paper bag. Gibson allegedly told the deputy the bottle wasn't his, but admitted "I've had a little bit."