LATEST: Mel Gibson feared for his family's lives after his alleged stalker broke a restraining order and evaded security guards to beg the movie mogul to pray with him, a California court heard yesterday (03MAR05).

The MAD MAX star was quizzed by ZACK SINCLAIR - who is representing himself in the trial - in Gibson's ongoing battle to keep the Idaho man away from him and his family.

And the actor/director told the court that although Sinclair's behaviour did not appear to be threatening, his determination to see the star at his Malibu home has made him fear for the safety of his wife ROBYN MOORE and seven children Hannah, twins EDWARD and CHRISTIAN, WILLIAM, LOUIS, MILO and TOMMY.

Gibson, 49, said, "(Sinclair) doesn't appear to know his boundaries.

"I found it odd someone would not have a sense of personal boundaries, and whether or not they were welcome.

"Robyn didn't want to find him sitting in the living room drinking tea,"

"I think he needs some help, but he worries my wife and other people around me, my family. I do worry."

Sinclair is charged with one felony count of stalking. If found guilty, he faces up to 16 months in prison and probation.

The trial continues.

04/03/2005 18:17