Mel Gibson was moved to make religious epic The Passion Of The Christ after experiencing the shallowness of a life in Hollywood.

The BRAVEHEART star was left with a religious void in his life after he shot to fame following his huge success in films Mad Max and LETHAL WEAPON - so wanted to make a film which held special meaning for him.

He says, "I embraced the secularism of this industry and the peace that went with it. No matter the excesses, the luxuries, it's just not enough and doesn't fill the void.

"It was like turning into something like a circular torture-fest, just going round and round, which became an attempt by me to change the course of things, put a stop to it and take another route, find some answers and heal my wounds, because life is a scarring experience."

Gibson - a devout Catholic - admits he is not a perfect example of how to live your life, but says he is working to improve himself all the time.

He adds, "I'm still really venal and have all the same flaws that I had as when I started.

"I may be flawed beyond belief, but I think I have a couple of clues as to what not to do."

19/03/2004 13:26