LATEST: Mel Gibson has been left devastated after hearing the news of a construction worker's suicide at his California home. The body of 48-year-old Michael John Van Dyke, who reportedly hanged himself, was found at the Agoura Hills property on Wednesday (19Mar08). The house is currently under heavy construction and the Lethal Weapon star and his family were not present at the time of the incident. A representative for the actor/director admits Gibson feels "terrible" about the situation, even though he had never met Van Dyke himself. Van Dyke is alleged to have been an old friend of the contractor hired to work on Gibson's mansion, but had no direct ties to the actor. According to, Van Dyke worked as a construction foreman on movie sets including The Matrix Reloaded, Star Trek: Nemisis and Dr. Dolittle 2. He was reportedly experiencing financial difficulty following a messy divorce at the time of his death.