Mel Gibson almost backed out of his first Hollywood directing job, before fellow actor-turned-moviemaker Clint Eastwood gave him the encouragement he needed. The BRAVEHEART star was due to direct 1993 film THE MAN WITHOUT A FACE when he was overcome with last minute nerves and started to doubt his talents. But after a brief call to longtime pal Eastwood, who had already made a successful transition to directing, Gibson was reassured he could handle the pressure. He tells Empire magazine, "I was really nervous, I'd just been to see Clint Eastwood's UNFORGIVEN. So I called him up, because I've known him for years, and I said, 'Hey Clint, what's the deal, man? I'm scared.' "And he just did the whole uncle thing over the phone: 'Don't worry about it. A lot of that stuff you've been picking up over the years is subliminal s**t and it'll puke itself out when it needs to.' "And he was right. A lot of stuff just comes back. You'd be amazed at what comes out of your head. I always felt pretty at ease talking to the tall one."