The Deputy District Attorney assigned to take charge of the Mel Gibson drink driving case has been replaced by the tough lawyer who once prosecuted Courtney Love. GINA SATRIANO has signed on to prosecute the movie star, who was arrested and charged with a DUI in California at the end of last month (28JUL06). Satriano has her hands full at the moment - she is also currently handling the case against Death Row murderer RODNEY ALCALA, who fighting accusations of mass murder at a third trial in Santa Ana, California, according to website Jewish lawyer RALPH SHAPIRO was the original deputy DA in charge of Gibson's case. The switch "was not the least bit unusual" according to a spokeswoman for the Malibu, California District Attorney's office. Gibson has been blasted in the media for making drunken, anti-Semitic remarks during his arrest by a Jewish police officer. The actor has since apologised for his comments.