Disgraced actor Mel Gibson has begged the press to stop dragging up his drink-driving arrest earlier this year (JUL06), insisting readers are "bored" of the incident. The BRAVEHEART star provoked outrage with a racist tirade at a Jewish patrolman who stopped him on the California highway for driving under the influence. His anti-Semitic outburst alienated large sections of Hollywood and some of his fans, but Gibson maintains he's confident the bad press he's received won't affect reviews of his forthcoming film APOCALYPTO. He tells Empire magazine, "That's not a concern of mine. I'm generally not a nervous person. I think people are, quite frankly, bored of all the press. "OK, it was a misdemeanour, DUI and those things. So after a few months I think people are sick of it. I know I certainly am."