The producer of Mel Gibson's new movie has hit out at claims the actor has been blacklisted by Hollywood studios.
Recent reports suggested Gibson has failed to find a studio to distribute his new film Edge of Darkness, because major companies have turned their back on him following his drunken anti-Semitic rant two years ago (06).
But the film's Oscar-winning producer Graham King reveals this summer's impending actor's strike - due to take place during the planned Edge of Darkness shoot - is the real reason he hasn't sold the film.
King explains, "The only reason I didn't sell the movie, is I had to get a SAG (Screen Actor's Guild) waiver. If I had a distribution deal with a studio, I never would have gotten the waiver."
King also dismisses claims Gibson is hated in Hollywood: "I don't think so. We took the movie to Cannes. I sold the movie in Israel. It surprised the hell out of me."
Jim Wiatt, the chairman of Gibson's agency, William Morris, agrees with King, telling the New York Post, "It's not true that the studios won't work with Mel. He's been offered movies by Fox and Warner Bros. and others."