Mel Gibson is refusing to spend any cash on an OSCAR campaign for his controversial movie The Passion Of The Christ, preferring instead to rely on faith.

Gibson is breaking from the growing Hollywood practice of pre-Oscar marketing by opting not to spend any money on TV, radio or print advertisements seeking ACADEMY AWARD.

However, Gibson's ICON PRODUCTIONS is presenting promotional screenings of the movie and plans to send out thousands of DVD copies to members of the ACADEMY OF MOTION PICTURE ARTS AND SCIENCES and other industry groups which present film awards.

Gibson's business partner BRUCE DAVEY says in a statement, "This film should be judged on its artistic merit, not on who spends more money for advertising. That's really what the academy was meant to be and to celebrate."

Gibson, who wrote, directed and produced the blood-drenched film about the last hours in the life of Jesus Christ, also spent relatively little on commercial advertising to promote the movie before its theatrical release.

It went on to gross well over $600 million (GBP330 million) in worldwide ticket sales.

22/11/2004 03:28