Actor Mel Gibson has been branded Hollywood's Coldest Star following his anti-Semitic remarks in a drink driving arrest earlier this year (JUL06). The BRAVEHEART star, who was voted the Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine in 1985, has topped a poll naming and shaming the nastiest stars in the film industry - and has been branded the "least powerful, least inspiring, least intriguing (person) in all of Tinseltown." Independent movie website Film Threat has attacked Gibson in its annual Frigid 50: The Coldest People in Hollywood list for his rant against Jews after being pulled over by police for a driving offence. Film Threat says, "He apologised, he got sick of apologising, he refused to apologise anymore, he didn't want to address the issue, he spoke on nationally broadcast news shows, he spoke at synagogues, he met with Jewish officials. "But in the end, in all his 'I'm really not anti-Semitic' posturing, he never bothered to address how irresponsible he was for driving under the influence in the first place. And now he's got a new movie opening, APOCALYPTO, and the question becomes: who cares?" Other cold stars include Lindsay Lohan and last year's (05) chart-toppers Tom Cruise and KATIE HOLMES.