LATEST: Mel Gibson is making secret phone calls to Hollywood's top Jews to personally apologise for an anti-Semitic rant he stunned Tinseltown with last month (JUL06). The movie star launched into a scathing attack on Jews during a drink-driving arrest in California, and now he's keen to make amends. A source tells that Gibson has been calling top Hollywood moguls, with whom he has worked in the past, to apologise for his much-publicised remarks. One of the people on the receiving end of disgraced Gibson's apology tells the website the actor said he wanted him to know he was really sorry and was working on his "problem." Gibson also said he hoped he would be able to work with him again. The unnamed mogul says he was civil to the BRAVEHEART star but remains unconvinced the actor was being completely sincere. Gibson's publicist claims the actor is in a recovery programme following his drink-driving arrest. The actor has already turned down an invite to speak to Jews at Los Angeles' Temple Of The Arts on holy day Yom Kippur in October (06).