Mel Gibson felt so bad about forcing the star of his APOCALYPTO epic to jump from a 17-storey building for a breathtaking stunt sequence, he did it too. The movie-maker poked fun at RUDY YOUNGBLOOD as he attempted to pluck up the courage for the jump, which would appear in the film as a spectacular dive from a jungle waterfall, and then was challenged to take the leap himself. Gibson says, "I came in that morning and I'm like, 'I'm glad I'm not doing that; that is a long way up.' "I was giving Rudy grief. I'm going, 'You girly man! You nancy boy!,' and all this kind of stuff... He was hauled up, and his knees were knocking together. But he did it. "Then, at the end of it, they said, 'How about you? You wanna jump?' I'm like, 'Oh God, I have to. OK, hook me up, or no one will ever respect me.'"