LATEST: Jury selection in Mel Gibson's upcoming stalking trial is being hampered by movie fans who are too passionately opposed to the Aussie's controversial PASSION OF THE CHRIST film.

During the pre-trial selection in Los Angeles yesterday (01MAR05), several potential jurors admitted it would be impossible for them to separate their feelings about the film when hearing the movie star's potential stalker ZACK SINCLAIR defend himself.

One Jewish candidate told the judge she was offended by the film: "There's no way I can separate my views about Mel Gibson and The Passion from this trial."

Another candidate called the film irresponsible, while a third potential juror admitted feeling sorry for the accused because he generally dislikes movie stars.

Gibson is expected to face his alleged stalker, who is representing himself in court, tomorrow (03MAR05).

02/03/2005 21:12