Mel Gibson fought to contain his anger when he faced a barrage of criticism over his movie APOCALYPTO at its Mexico City premiere on Monday (15JAN07). The movie star initially pulled out of plans to attend the screening after Latin American history groups slated the film and the way it portrayed the savagery of the ancient Mayans. And when he attended the premiere, local journalists were keen to ask him about the criticism levelled at him and his film. Gibson simply said, "People who criticise the movie should do their homework. I did." But it was one curious hack who really upset Gibson, when he suggested the director had fallen out with a consultant on Apocalypto after he openly criticised the finished product. The movie star hissed, "He criticised it (the film) positively and constructively and I worked with him, so we know what's between us. "So, don't you try and get in the middle of it. You're a troublemaker, my friend."